Dhruva has also developed the ability to hold his breath for 20mins. First special issue published by Raj Comics. Published in paperback and hardbound special edition. Like taking out a jar of toffees from the cupboard. It is said that the sound of the engine of Dhruva’s bike is unique and different from any other bike and can be easily identified. In , for the first time Raj Comics opened stores in Karnataka, one of the non-Hindi speaking states of South India, giving them a taste of Indian Hindi comics. First part of a two-part story [20].

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As opposed to Vera, Nakshatra tried to kill Dhruva’s father I.

In this title Dhruva was shown to be more tech-savvy as compared to his earlier versions. Nagayana Series – Part 2 [23]. Steel in a guest appearance. Mostly Dhruva uses his star-blades to disarm his enemy or cut something. The bike is specially designed and optimised to suit his needs. Retrieved 7 July Released in paperback and a dnruva limited edition hardbound collector’s edition.

Sinha, during the Indian Comic Con festival, recalled: At the age of 14, he started performing in Jupiter Circus shows and his stunning performances helped Jupiter to become a hugely popular circus. Other arch foes of Dhruva include Chandakaal, the last remaining demon on earth; Mahamanav, a highly evolved version of Homo sapiens with psychic superpowers; Dhawaniraj, a mad scientist whose power is lethal forms of sound waves; Dr.


Chumba himself mentioned once that Dhruva scares him in his dreams. Since then, the character has xhruva in many titles published by Raj Comicsincluding solo issues, two hero and multi-hero crossoversparallel series set in alternate universeslimited series and guest appearances.

Dhruva himself patrols the city streets every night on his special motorbike. Concluding part of the two-part story [21]. Nagayana is an 8-part mega series featuring Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruva that was published by Raj super commando dhruva comics in a span of 3 years from At the age of 14, having lost his parents in a conspiracy that arose out of a business rivalry, he swore to fight against crime for the rest of his life.

Dhruva’s first issue dealt with the origin of the character. InRaj comics published a list of Top 20 best sellers titles on their official Facebook commamdo based on the sales figures on their own online store and Flipkart. Nagayana Series – Part 7 [28]. In comifs, they compiled these strips and published first issue of super commando dhruva comics superheroes.

After all, everything has an origin.


Dhruva Digest 7 [36]. Dhruva has even fought against his best friend Nagraj when he went rogue. Dhruva can even hit a target or fight an enemy blind-folded by judging the faint noises of their movements. Fans have likened the partnership of Nagraj-Dhruva with the Superman super commando dhruva comics Batman partnership in DC Comics, an invincible superhero and a superhero with no supernatural powers.


On one hand, his crime fighting style is commando similar to that of Batman’s and, on the other hand, his origin resembles to that of Robin’s. Soon after, the pistol was removed from the character.

Super Commando Dhruv List of All Published Comics Till Now

The character’s fans fondly address him as Captain and call themselves his cadets. A general GENL issue used to be a to page issue. This was the first and last time he ever used his gun. It is equipped with state of the art technology and computer system.

List of Dhruva comics

While Natasha and Dhruva’s love is mutual, Richa and Sabby’s love is more one sided. He received strength training from Herculescircus’s strongman. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. New Writers added subtle changes to the character, although keeping the basic essence of the character still intact.