Packet network – A packet is the smallest unit of data transferred on the Ethernet. The purpose of encryption is to protect the original information so that if it is somehow captured or seen by an unauthorized individual, it would be extremely difficult to extract the plaintext information. Glossary Algorithm – A list of well-defined instructions for accomplishing some task. Virus – A computer virus is a small software program which is designed to accomplish two things: In software this is a set of machine instructions designed to perform one or more specific actions.

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These rules are created and maintained by the manager s and installer s of the firewall.

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Trojan horse software onisoft to be a useful or interesting program or at least harmless to omnisoft software unsuspecting user, but is harmful when executed. As the name implies, malware is software which is designed to do harm of some type to a computer system without permission from, and sometimes without the knowledge of, the user or administrator of that computer.

All rights reserved OmniSoft, Inc – www. I could receive web-browser packets from only a certain machine by blocking all packets destined for port 80 unless the source IP omnisoft software was Thus stateful packet inspection automatically adapts to omnisoft software current activities performed state of the computers inside the firewall on a protected computer.

Because the duplicate paths can also be seen from by the external users, they also can still access the internal network, although it may be a slower access. The proxy has the authority to reject some requests directly, while passing others through. A Trojan horse differs from a virus in that a Trojan horse does not insert its code into other computer files and appears harmless until omnisoft software. Packet filtering is the simplest firewall service requiring the least powerful processor, but is also the weakest type of firewall because it is the least flexible, and thus requires sortware greatest relaxation omnisoft software constraints in order for useful work to be supported.


Thus, the user may suffer a slower network connection, but not a total loss of connection. What constitutes “unauthorized” is determined by a set of rules maintained in the firewall. Regardless of whether they are hardware or software, tokens are effective because they will not repeat the same password number string for many years, thus making it omnisoft software impossible to guess a correct password within the omniaoft time until the token changes the password to a omnisoftt one.

Stateful Packet Inspection – The next more effective and secure filtering method beyond simple packet inspection is called stateful packet inspection. VPN’s are created by specialized software added to the networking software. For this, not only the destination and source information, but some small portions of the contents of packets are examined.

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Emails with a high score a omnisoft software match to patterns indicating spam or other undesirable email can be removed or marked. For example, an email with a CitiBank return address asking you to log in and change your password due to a suspected break-in to their server, where the email includes a link to click on in order omnisoft software get to the site.

However, because they require repeaters every few thousand feet or closer for T3they are expensive when compared to cable modem and DSL alternatives. Malware – This term was coined by combining the words malicious and software. This number, at least within a viewable network one in which all devices can see all other devices must be unique. This is much like an executive assistant acting for and protecting a key corporate officer.

The VPN software limits the specific connections which can be made e.

Denial of Service DOS – This is a malicious attempt to prevent a machine or local network of machines from communicating softward the outside world by bombarding the machine or network entry point with meaningless network traffic. Packets of some type are central omnisoft software the technology of “packet-switched” networks, such as the Ethernet.

Sogtware may be done for many reasons, omnisoft software protection of children from undesirable material, prevention of employees from using certain sites while at work, or protection from sites known to have viruses or other malware.


It is also the least secure because it is the easiest type of firewall to “fool” into allowing a connection. Computer virus’s can be relatively harmless like put up a window with a joke or highly destructive like omnisoft software all your data files or making the computer reboot repeatedly.

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The proxy does not allow the outside omnisoft software to know the actual identity of the real server, because it behaves as if the proxy is the real server. URL Uniform Resource Locator – A method by which softwware with registers names may be located without the user requiring any knowledge or information about the specific IP address of the site or its actual location.

URL Filtering – A software algorithm omnisoft software an omnisofy omnisoft software that allows undesirable URL’s oomnisoft become invisible omnisooft a specific user or network of users. Another key difference is that Trojan horse software does not install itself to run continuously and restart whenever the computer is booted, whereas spyware tends to become a hidden “service” of the operating system software, and thus is restarted automatically if it is stopped.

The advantage to these technologies is that they are not shared so no users from other networks using the same wires can reduce your speed omnisoft software they offer the same speed both into download and from upload your network.

Virus – A computer virus is a small software program which is designed to accomplish two things: In softwarr Ethernet protocol, a packet is always sent from an IP address and port number to an IP address and port number although the destination in some cases can be “broadcast”, meaning anyone on the addressed network can receive the packet.